Goal 1: Lose Weight, Be Healthy

I am not doing so well with staying consistent and working on my goals!  The struggle is real!  My first big goal for this year is weight loss and good health.  I seem to have gained some weight this year which has piled on top of the weight I was already working to lose.  My problem is this-I LOVE food!  I love growing food, I love cooking food, I love dairy and pasta AND FLOUR!  I love it all.  I have tried diets and never stick with them.  I am miserable when trying to change what I LOVE.  I decided that there has to be a way that I can get healthier and not sacrifice the majority of things that I love to eat.  I eat healthy for the most part.  I’m not a fast food kind of person.  My problem is portion control.  I’ve decided that if I control my portions and eat what I love in moderation that maybe this will be a good start to my weight loss journey.  I also know that if I am eating I have to stay active and burn off some of those lovely things that I am just not willing to give up.  This is also where my weight gain comes into play.  I was running three miles almost every day.  I first suffered from plantar fasciitis.  Then, I developed pain on the top of my foot that made walking difficult.  Needless to say, I stopped all of it (running and walking for exercise).  Now, I’m paying for it with weight gain.

I decided to do a little research on healthy weight loss and found that apple cider vinegar has tons of benefits…one of which is weight loss!  I put together a little “plan” to get on track and hope to first develop a routine and then progress from there.  Here is my plan:

  1. WALK at least 30 minutes a day.  Vary intensity, increase distance.
  2. Three times a week I will use Mudderella Workouts http://mudderella.com/workouts/workout-1-the-basics/  for focus on strength and full body.  https://toughmudder.com/physical-training
  3. Use apple cider vinegar mixed with cinnamon and cayenne as a warm drink in the morning to start my day and end my day before bed. This is proven to promote overall health, energy, and burning of fat!

Check out the blog post I am sharing from Super Pinay Mom on the amazing benefits of ACV!  Maybe I am on the right track after all!  Wish me luck!

I would certainly love your input, advice, and conversation!!!!


Author: loblollypineandwine

I am a former teacher, an artist, and a mom to two sons. My life evolves around my family, my home, and my passion for creativity. I am a "day tripper", but also love to travel. I also love floral design, gardening, and cooking. My motto: "Don't sweat the small stuff"

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