Goal 2: Be More Productive

Snow Day!  It’s really hard to be productive when the alarm can get turned off, and the kids are home from school…like today!  I get distracted easily as it is.  So, it is important for me to focus on staying on track in order to make some kind of progress throughout the day with my normal life chores.  I’m a list maker which helps.  I also like somewhat of a routine.  However, my main goal is to do some kind of DIY or home improvement project AT LEAST once or twice a month.  My first plan for this is painting all of the doors in my house (minus the kids’ bedrooms) black.  I think black doors add a sort of elegance to a house.  It is a quick way to change up your space.  It is also great for mothers with children or pets for that matter because it doesn’t show dirt as easily!  I would love your input on my house update plan.  I hope to get started with this soon!  One good thing about snow days is that I usually get some good reading in and time with friends if nothing else gets done!



Author: loblollypineandwine

I am a former teacher, an artist, and a mom to two sons. My life evolves around my family, my home, and my passion for creativity. I am a "day tripper", but also love to travel. I also love floral design, gardening, and cooking. My motto: "Don't sweat the small stuff"

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